Sunday, April 17, 2011

Age of anxiety

It's a Palm Sunday.

Another long day but I finally had some rest. Gosh, it was hot today. I've haven't felt the heat this hot all summer. Felt like burning when I had a nap in my room today.

We spent Sunday morning at Cash & Carry after mass. The mass was strange because the priest skipped the Our Father by accident. We did grocery at Cash & Carry for our trip to Punta Fuego this holy week. Shit, our cart was overflowing. I can't believe how much shit we bought.
Since I had some time today, I finished some draft blogs and got them all posted. I take too long with blogging. Hihihi. Sorry about that.

Also due to massive boredom, I drew this picture of Angelo & Bee wearing a cowboy hat on an alligator. I asked Bee for a request when I was at her house and that's exactly what she said [me wearing a cowboy hat with angelo on an alligator] I was bored at that time and drew it but it was all fugly so since I was bored today too, I managed to make a prettier one! This is thanks for cleaning my room.
Bee stop crying because of Hachiko
I also managed to finish reading Girl Interrupted. I borrowed it from Bee. I really liked the book and now I'm all interested in watching the movie which I've been researching about for the past hour. It doesn't seem like the book much.

Before I go on about my research, these are my favorite lines from the book:
Suddenly I was vegetarian. I associated meat with suicide because of passing out at the meat counter but I knew there was more to it. The meat was bruised, bleeding, and imprisoned in a tight wrapping and so was I

Wrist-scratching! I thought I'd invented it

I was in pain and nobody knew it

Fifty aspirin is a lot of aspirin, but going onto the street and fainting is like putting the gun back in the drawer

I want to download this movie but sadly do not know how to download movies.

That ends the day. I plan on sleeping late and waking up late.



  2. i didn't see him there! i was there for 3 days. just got home ;;)