Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smile like you mean it

I'm off for the beach tomorrow and I still have not packed as usual.

I had my nails done yesterday and got these clay things stuck on them. They're grapefruits. Mom, Meg and even Roxy got those things on their nails too. It's quite amusing but they won't last very long I believe.
Bright & perfect for summer yeah?
Roxy got Hello Kitty on hers, too cute
Today, my cousins arrived because they're coming with us tomorrow. We go to the beach every holy week with my cousins and dad's cousins. So much fun.

Anyway, we spent the day trying to get a decent picture for this Dog Photo Contest at Bel Air. 5k is the prize and would be nice to have money so we gave it a try. It's not that great though because we did it in a rush. Like gosh, I was editing it in my laptop in Rockwell at Mcdo and had it developed just in time for the due date.
So there it is. Yes, fugly background but I don't give a damn anymore. It will do. Worth a try. Didn't take much of my time anyway. I was bored.
After the picture taking, we went to Forever 21 at SM and I got another maxi dress. Cheap & lovely. Rockwell after like I said earlier. Just going round and I saw these golden bunnies in the grocery. They're so beautiful and expensive sadly.

Ah well, I need my rest. Early rising tomorrow.

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