Friday, April 8, 2011

Desu desu asian kids

Today, I spent the lovely day with Bianca Oh and Darvey who invited himself [but it's okay, we love him anyway!] Rhyming on a roll.

Met up with Bee at school to get grad pictures and ball pictures. Then to the opening of Forever 21 at SM. Amazing amazing amazing. We didn't buy much shit though because Bee & I are all thrifty now. Greenhills is still number 1!
We then had lunch first and met up with Darvey after. Had Gelato for desert.
We also kept walking back in froth Glorietta & Greenbelt. We had Jewella pictures taken for fun like the good old days. Asian photobooth.
Oh and I was wearing my green contacts the whole day today. Not much people noticed though and you probably didn't either so here's a more obvious picture of them. I'm amused.

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