Monday, April 25, 2011

Backfire dance party

Meg's 16th today. She's my other sister.

Dad asked her about the surprise before the surprise actually happened. Fail. It was the thought that counts. Funny as hell though. Hah. Fail. They surprised her with balloons and cake.

We ate at Uncle Cheffy's and brought along her three friends[the ones that are always at the house]. Food there is amazing. They over ordered though I believe.
I'm in no mood for sleep right now. Ah, 16, I had a good 16th. Good times, good times. Hihi. Anyway, I must be awake real early for UST tomorrow. Will attempt to sleep. Soon.


  1. i dont know bro :O you never came out when they said surprise :O :))

    i miss you chiuie! we should hang soon!

  2. YES! I know we should hang soon but when you guys do! You don't tell me! :|

  3. Speaking of hanging soon, Karinas in the states but Janelle, Ara and I will be at Toms house on Monday!! SO YOU GO TOO, for the garage sale!

  4. jo, are you talking to chiuie or me :O
    but i shall be there selling shit :D