Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 months of Kay

Today is the 13th, meaning another month has passed by since er. Well yeah, so I had a date. Kay & I went to Rockwell and took pictures with the Lilo & Stitch displays. He doesn't like smiling. Har har har.
We watched The Roommate which was about some cray cray slutty lady. It kinda sucked. We had some sandwiches to eat in the theater. Kay ate again at Sango but I was still full so I only had some ice cream.
Kay's Teriyaki Chicken Burger
We went to Bee's after a while because I'll be sleeping here for the night. Bee ordered Mcdo and force fed us. Fuck, Kay had 5 meals and I had 4. We were so full, you have no idea. It was like dying.

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